How to Use Supply and Demand to Identify High Probability Trades 70mins

Andy Demi teaches you how he uses Supply and Demand to identify high probability trades.

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Video 1: How to Use Supply and Demand to Identify High Probability Trades

  • Learn the concept of supply and demand
  • How you can identify major pivot levels
  • Identifying the key accumulation/distribution zones
  • Understanding the concept of top-down analysis
  • The steps that you need to be doing to become a professional trader
  • The benefits that you can get if you get trained and learned from a professional trader
  • Understanding why trading Forex or any other market is a “Zero-Sum” game
  • The fact about how institutional and professional traders are earning
  • The formula that you should follow to start making consistent income in trading
  • The important things you need to remember and learn
  • How you should view and think about the market
  • Understanding how the institutions are making money consistently
  • What you should do if you wanted to trade like the institutions
  • Identifying what side the institutions are on using Supply and Demand
  • Finding the areas where there are temporary imbalances between the buying and selling pressures
  • Spotting the perfect buying opportunities
  • The most optimal way of drawing the Fibonacci uptrend and downtrend waves
  • The reasons why the “A’s” is the most important part in Fibonacci


Andy Demi

Professional Forex Trader, Ex Hedge Fund Manager & CEO of London Trading Group

Andy has institutional experience at Barcap, JP Morgan, Schroder’s & more. Has over 14 years professional trading experience and was the Head Trader managing a multi-million pound portfolio for a London Hedge Fund
Currently. These days he’s CEO/Head Trader of the London Trading Group (trading academy with professional internships for aspiring traders), as well as managing private funds and simultaneously trading his own portfolio.

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