How To Create Profitable Mechanical Trading Systems 1hr 12mins

Learn, step-by-step, how you create profitable trading systems. Art Collins walks you through the 7 stages of system developement. Plus, take home the full mechanical strategy, including TradeStation code.


Video 1: The Problems With Non-Mechanical Trading

  • The human trait that drives most traders to fail
  • 6 lessons on a traders psychological pitfalls
  • Why mechanical trading works


Video 2: The 7 Stages Of Mechancial System Development

  • How to come up with system ideas
  • How to determine the best markets to test your ideas on
  • The ideal amount of data to test over
  • How to avoid curve fitting your system
  • What two trading styles your strategy should include
  • Where you should place your buy and sell trades in relation to price
  • What’s the best calculation to base a systems success on
  • What happens when you optimize an already profitable system


Video 3: Dos & Don'ts for Successful Optimization

  • Understand the test results you should avoid and why
  • 4 ways to improve the robustness of your system
  • Other important factors to consider when optimizing a system


Video 4: The "Perfect" S&P System?

  • Learn the exact rules of this 100% accurate system
  • Understand why it works and why it’s a BAD idea to trade
  • See how your new optimization rules would stop you from using this system


Video 5: Finding The Best Settings & Refining Your System

  • Learn the process for selecting a strategies settings
  • Learn the final test you should carry out to before thinking about going live
  • Learn how to optimize for money management stops
  • Learn how much capital you should budger for a system


Video 6: Recapping the Dual Average System & Key Takeaways

  • Understand the winning system created during the course
  • 4 takeaways to remind you of what you’ve learnt


Download: TradeStation Code & Simple English Strategy Explanation

Download the exact TradeStation Code of the Dual Average system, along with Art’s “Simple English” explanation of the strategy he created during the course.

[TradeStation Only]

Art Collins

Chicago Board of Trade Member & Author of 4 Books on Trading

Art is an ex Pit Trader and has been a Chicago Board of Trade member for the past 30 years. He’s also a lecturer and author on trading system development.

Art’s a mechanical trader who’s systems have been proven successful over the past 10 years.

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