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My vision for the Mastermind community is simple:

“We use the knowledge & experience of my guests to create a profitable trading system we can all trade.”

A trading system by the people, for the people, from the experts… if you like!

The concept:

  1. Each Podcast episode I’ll ask one of the successful traders I interview for some “golden nuggets” to help the Mastermind construct a profitable system
  2. We, as a community, take those “nuggets” of advice and work out how/if we add it to our system
  3. All the discussions take part in the Mastermind’s Facebook group
  4. When we’ve decided on what will be included, I’ll personally do as much as I can to automate the system to take as much guess work and emotional intervention out of the system as possible (and, if the system allows, I’ll try to automate the whole thing for Metatrader)
  5. Then everyone can use it, back test, demo or live trade it, optimize it and share their results with the community

So tune in to future episodes of the 52 Traders Podcast to hear my guests (who are some of the worlds most successful traders) tell us their golden nuggets!

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