Confidently Turn Your Trading Strategy Ideas Into Fully Automated 
Trading Robots in Just 21 Days
(all without coding)

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After Taking This Course You’ll Never Need To Buy Another Trading Robot,
Pay An EA Developer Or Learn To Code MQL… Ever Again!

Listen To One Student’s Success Story

After Phillip McDowall Took The Course He Went On To Create A
Side Income From His Expert Advisor

This Course Is Perfect For You If…

You've Purchased A Robot That Lost You Money

I’ve purchased 100’s of them in the past so know the frustration and disappointment that comes after the hype and excitement. You’ll never want to buy another robot after taking this course (and in 21 day’s you’ll be building your own).

You're Doing Well Manually, But Want To Automate Your Trading

Now, let’s look at the alternative if you were to outsource the job. You’ll likely end up:

a) Giving away your “secret sauce” to someone you don’t know
b) Hiring someone who won’t put in the time or dedication needed to give you exactly what you want.

In 21 days you could have the skills needed to do this yourself for years to come.

You've Spent $00's Or $000's On EA Developers

It’s never ending, right? Until now. When you’ve finished the course in 21 days you’ll have the skills needed to confidently build virtually any EA.


You've Been Frustrated With EA Developers

Reliable EA developers are almost impossible to find. If you’ve been through one or two then you’ll know what I mean.

Just like this trader who emailed me a few years ago:


The Thought Of Coding Fills You With Fear

Coding isn’t for everyone and you’ll know if it’s for you or not. With this course you’ll never have to touch a line of code and still be able to build EA’s even top coders would struggle to put create.


You Want To Speed Up Your Back Testing

By the end of the course you’ll be able to confidently turn virtually any mechanical strategy into a fully automated Expert Advisor. And if for whatever reason you get stuck, we’ll jump in to help out. 

This means you’ll be able to quickly build and back test strategies you find, or come up with yourself instead of wasting time doing it by hand. 


You Want To See Results FAST!

This course takes only 21 days to complete and includes practice lessons with examples to download along the way. Plus, on day 21 you’ll learn how to build a template robot that has all the features built in that you can use as a starting point for all your future EA’s. This not only guarantees you’ll see results but you’ll see them fast.

“What’s the Secret?”


It's Called FxDreema.

Yes. It’s a weird name.

It’s the name of the software you’ll learn to use that allows you to build Metatrader 4 or 5 Expert Advisors (aka Trading Robots or EAs).

This type of software known as an EA Builder and FxDreema is by far the Rolls Royce of EA Builders.

Trading Nut is NOT affiliated with FxDreema in any way – it’s just the best platform around 😉

Yes, there are many others that you could use but you’ll soon realize the speed you can create complex (or simple) EA’s using FxDreema (when compared to other EA builders on the market) it’s far superior.

Along with it’s speed it’s flexible enough to automate virtually any trading strategy… (if you know what you’re doing that is).

    Imagine The Time You'll Save...

    … When You Have The Ability To Automate Your Manual Trading or Test Virtually Any Strategy or Idea You Come Up With

    Just imagine automating things like:


    Multi Indicator Strategies, e.g. MA, RSI, ATR & MACD


    Drawing Trend Lines, Zones & SnR Lines


    Custom Indicator Strategies


    Multi Symbol Strategies, e.g. DAX + SPX + XAU


    Trading Candlestick Patterns


    Multi Time Frame Strategies


    Moving Stops To Break Even


    Trailing Stops (using virtually any method)


    Close Trades/Orders Before Red News


    Fixed Pips/Money Stop Loss & Take Profit Targets


    Percentage Based Risk Management


    Average True Range (ATR) SL & TP Targets


    Grid, Martingale & Ryan Jones Strategies


    Fibonacci Retracement or Extension Strategies


    Dynamic Stop Loss Or Take Profit Levels

    Honestly, this is just a small part of what’s possible and
    in 21 days you’ll have the skills to build all the above and more!

    Free Course Preview

    Satisfied Customers

    “This course is absolutely superb & amazing value for money.”

    I am in no way affiliated with Cam Hawkins & purchased his course after trying out the EA he showed on his Youtube video.

    Having been ripped off more times than I care to remember by dishonest vendors in this online trading environment, I knew I was taking a risk.

    Well all I can say is this is the best money I have ever spent. This course is absolutely superb & amazing value for money.

    The EA’s that Cam gives away with the course are worth several times the price of the course alone, never mind the excellent video tuition.

    He also includes at the present time 11 proven profitable trading methods for converting to EA’s.

    After watching the first few videos I made my own EA which produced a steady positive equity curve over 5 years without curve fitting. I am so looking forward to putting into practice the rest of the material from the videos.

    As the community grows it will only get better as we share EAs & trading ideas.

    Thank you Cam for putting this together.

    Kevin D.

    “What a find!”

    Having manually traded the forex market for several years (with mixed results) I came to the realization that all the highest liquidity is in the European & US sessions.

    Living in New Zealand & trading these sessions (especially the US session) would mean being up half the night.

    With a day job this was out of the question. So I embarked upon a journey of trying to write an EA. In my search I stumbled across Cam Hawkins Course “Automate My Trading”. What a find!

    I am in the process of going through the videos a second time around, and am still picking up on things I missed on the first viewing.

    The video’s on testing, troubleshooting & optimization are especially valuable!

    If I had to rely solely on the help provided on the forum on the FXDreema site (the Software used to create the EA’s) it would have been a long protracted drawn out exercise, with a lot of screen time & not much forward movement.

    This Course has dramatically shortened up my learning curve & add to that Cam’s willingness to answer all your questions (no matter how trivial), I am making great progress.

    There are a lot of people out there in the forex world selling snake oil in an attempt to make a buck, but this course & Cam is not one of them. If anything he over delivers!

    Justin A.
    New Zealand

    “ I only wish I had the opportunity to sign up with Cam much sooner!”

    I have been actively trading the forex market for 8 years and have signed up to many different courses, read numerous books and have listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts.

    What Cam is offering in his course I have not seen anywhere else.

    I came to the conclusion some time ago that developing your own EA that suits your style and personality is the best way to ensure adherence to a system with a proven edge and hence achieve consistent returns trading FX. I only wish I had the opportunity to sign up with Cam much sooner!

    Vince Clissa

    “… I have found Cam’s course to be invaluable.”

    As someone completely new to building EA’s, I have found Cam’s course to be invaluable. I have also appreciated his readiness and willingness to help whenever I’ve had questions. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    Dave Wysong
    United States

    Become A Lifetime Member Of My
    “Robot Builders Club”

    Here’s what you get immediate access to when you join today…

    43 Video Course Drip Fed Over 21 Days

    In just 21 days you’ll have the skills you need to confidently automate your trading. The videos have been painstakingly put together to make sure you succeed in your quest to automate your trading. We do this by teaching you only what you need to know versus everything you could possibly know when it comes to building EAs with FxDreema.

    6 Practice Exercises To Help You Learn

    Over the 21 days we accelerate your learning by challenging you through 6 exercises designed to test your skills along the way.

    22 EA Downloads To Save You Time

    At every step of the way you can download the 22 EA’s we build as part of the course. You can also import these EAs into your own Fxdreema account so you can have a play or use them in your own future builds.

    "Done For You" Complex Strategies

    My members are always interested in how to tackle complex builds. So I decided to put them up for everyone to download. Tricky things like Divergence and M W patterns are already in there for you to download and watch how I build them.

    Searchable Videos

    We’ve made it easy to search through the video course so you can easily find what you need in the future (saving you time watching hours of footage to find what you’re after).

    VIP Facebook Group For Members Only

    All our members are invited to the VIP Facebook group where you can learn from other members, collaborate on EA builds and attend live streams.

    Ongoing Support Via Facebook

    Stuck? No worries. Even if you get stuck after completing the course, we’ll be on hand to make sure you break through any roadblocks.

    The "Ultimate" Robot Template

    Import this template into your own FxDreema at the start every new build and save yourself hour upon hours of work.

    This is the exact same template I use for all my builds and comes with over 40 settings, including: News & NFP filters, time and day filters, 4 risk management options, various trade exit strategies and more. All highly configurable and perfect to tackle any trading situation.

    MetaTrader Back Test & Optimzation Guide

    Perfect for people who either have zero experience using the MetaTrader trading platform and even if you use if for your manual trading, you’ll learn a thing or two about what’s needed to make sure your robot tests will produce similar results to the live market. The videos also cover data analysis tools and techniques that will help you discover which settings work best for your robot.

    New Lessons, Downloads & Live Streams

    As a lifetime member your experience doesn’t end after 21 days. New lessons and downloads will be added to the course after you join, and if you have a specific request you just need to ask and we’ll get that added to the course for you and other members. Plus, as part of the Facebook Group you’ll be able to attend any lessons we stream live and get your questions answered live during the session. 


    BONUS #1

    154 Trading Interviews ($697 value)

    The full back catalog of premium interviews form the 52 Traders Podcast – 154 interviews with professional Forex, Futures, Stock and Cryptocurrency traders, including interview notes, strategy ideas and easy listening on your smartphone.


    BONUS #2

    Trading Mentors Match-off ($99 value)

    21 episode reality podcast series where 3 trading mentors take on 3 trading newbies and to see if they can transform them over hte course of 9 months.


    BONUS #3

    The Original Course ($697 value)

    Automate My Trading is the predecessor to the Robot Builders Club. It uses a different way to teaching and is a great resource to dive into if you want to continue learning. It also includes, 11 proven strategies, optimizing EA’s for profitability, setting up a free VPS to host your EA’s and 11 full EA’s including videos showing how they are built.


    BONUS #4

    Robot Traders Club – 3 Months Free + The 
    Importable Source Code (Priceless) + 50% Membership Discount

    The Robot Traders Club is the perfect partner to the Robot Builders Club and as a lifetime member you get 14 days free access which includes gaining access to new strategies and EA’s every month.

    You also get a massive monthly discount of 50%.

    And as a Robot Builders Club member you’re the only members who get access to the EA source code which you can import into your own FxDreema account and adapt to your liking.


    BONUS #5

    3 Months FxDreema Credit (Value $36)

    To get you underway with FxDreema we’ll credit 3 months to your account.



    Genius Trading Model Course (Value $120)

    Learn the 3 steps to trading success from Tribe of Traders, Judy van Niekerk (includes 3 video lessons, 3 workbooks, audibles for each lesson and a transcript/pdf of each lesson).



    MissionFX Fast Track Course (Value $50)

    Nick Shawn teaches you his exact trading system super simplified so that you can actually duplicate it (includes 9 video modules)

    Robot Builders Club Value: $2,500
    Bonus Package Value: $1,740
    Total Value: $4,240

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    Normally $1495,
    Today Only $995
    (Save $500)

    To your trading success,

    Cam Hawkins

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is FxDreema and how does it work?

    A: FxDreema is the name of the EA Builder software program taught in the course.

    It is a browser based EA Builder which uses drag and drop blocks to program your EA’s.

    There’s a free trial available here

    Q: Do you offer refunds or money back guarantees?

    A: Not really. I’m so confident in the quality of what you’ll learn, the tools you’ll get access to (and own), along with your ability to build EA’s by the end, I decided I l only wanted students who were willing to commit.

    If this sounds like you then we welcome you on board!

    If, however, there are exceptional circumstances that happen in your life, after ordering the course, I will be fair and reasonable and give you a full or partial refund. I will look at these on a case by case basis and make a decision based on any associated proof along with the length of time you have been a member.

    Q: Are there any ongoing costs?

    A: The FxDreema software runs a “pay as you go” pricing model where you can pay for chunks of time, stop using it if you wish and start where you left off –  all without losing a thing.

    The pricing ranges from $8.75-$21/mth depending on how long you commit for.

    As part of joining the Robot Builders Club you’ll receive 3 months free access.

    Note, Trading Nut is not affiliated with FxDreema in any way. We do not take commission on sales. We just teach you how to use this amazing tool.

    Regarding the course, there are no ongoing costs.

    However, if you choose to continue your Robot Traders Club membership you’ll receive a discounted rate of $19/mth and can downgrade to the $9.99 + broker or free broker only membership at any time. Or you can cancel the membershp at any time.

    Q: Why does the course take 21 days?

    A: The course is drip fed to make sure you don’t skip past important parts.

    Every 3 days one or more section is unlocked until 21 days has passed and all sections become available.

    Q: Does it only work with the Metatrader 4/5 trading platform?

    A: Yes. FxDreema allows you to create EA’s and Scripts for both MT4 and MT5. It doesn’t allow you to create scripts for other trading platforms.

    Q: Do I need to know Metatrader to do the course?

    A: No. In the first module will walk you through how to use Metatrader and also the accompanying software required to get good free data to run back tests on as well as free tools for data analysis.

    More questions? Contact us here.

    Disclaimer: Futures, forex, stock, and options trading are not appropriate for all traders. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can ensure returns or against losses. No representation or implication is being made that using any of these methodologies or systems will generate returns or ensure against losses.

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