Learn a Proven Index Trading Strategy Using Heiken Ashi Candles on DAX, SPX & More 49mins

Alberto Pallotta uncovers his proven index trading strategy using Heiken Ashi Candles perfect for trading the DAX, SPX, and more.


Video 1: Heiken Ashi Candles Strategy

  • Learn what Heiken Ashi Candles are
  • Understand the difference between the normal Japanese Candles and the Heiken Ashi Candles
  • How you can see Heiken Ashi Candles on the actual chart and what they actually represent
  • Learn the Heiken Ashi strategy that works well on S&P500 Future
  • Discover the reasons why it’s better to have long positions on the higher timeframes
  • Know the rules and conditions when trading Heiken Ashi on the 60-minute timeframe
  • Learn the signal that determines that the downtrend is already finished
  • Know the right time when you should enter and take the trade
  • The reason why you should not use monetary stop loss and learn what you should use instead
  • Discover the formula of getting the right stop loss
  • Learn how to calculate your ideal profit target
  • A short recap of the whole strategy


Video 2: Questions and Answers

Alberto answers and gives clear explanations to every question about the Heiken Ashi strategy.


Alberto Pallotta

Professional Futures, Stock & Options Trader Using Discretionary & Algorithmic Methods

Alberto has been trading full time since 2004. He’s proficient in trading futures, stocks and options using both discretionary and algorithmic methods.

He also holds a Masters in Financial Mathematics and a Certificate in Quantitative Finance from the Fitch Group.

And has created quantitative strategies for hedge funds and prop trading firms across Europe and the UK. He now works alongside Andy Demi at the London Trading Group.

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