Forex Simulator Setup Instructions for Trading Nut Guests


To compete in any back testing challenge (incl. Trader vs Trader) you have to use Forex Simulator software.

To access a copy of Forex Simulator for the challenge, choose option 1 or 2 below:

1) Remote access Cam’s PC during the challenge and use his copy of Forex Simulator.

Not recommended. Past guests have complained of it being very laggy. You’ll also be unfamiliar with the software which may impact your performance in the challenge. If you choose this route, please download their 14 day free trial, watch the videos further down the page so you can become familiar with the software. 


2) Buy and install a copy of Forex Simulator software for your Mac or PC.

Recommended for a seamless experience, and you get a chance to practice before the challenge as well. 

You can also sign up to their affiliate program and earn 50% commission on any referrals, to make your investment back.

Click Here to order a 1 month license for $49 (enough for 1 challenge) or lifetime for $247

Installing Forex Simulator

1) Do you have a Mac? (If No, move to 2)

If yes, you’ll need to download and install Parallels which lets you run Windows on your Mac – because Forex Simulator software only works on Microsoft Windows.

Click here to download the 14 Day free trial
(make sure your livestream will be within 14 days)

Or, Click here to buy a copy of Parallels for approx $10/mth 

Go to step 2:

2) Download & Install Forex Simulator on Windows

a. Click Here to order your copy of Forex Simulator software
(note, the Free Trial will not provide you with enough historical data for the challenge)

b. Install the software on Windows (or Parallels for Mac users).

Downloading Data for the Challenge

Download 5 years of data for the 1 market you plan to trade during the challenge
(during the challenge you will place 5 trades on 1 pair from a point in the past)

Watch this 1 minute video to see how:

Setting up Forex Simulator

Watch this 2 minute video that teaches you how to setup Forex Simulator for the challenge.

Using Forex Simulator in the Challenge

Watch this 4 minute video that teaches you how to take trades during the challenge.

Note, you don’t need to become an expert. Cam will help if you get stuck.

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