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    My Best Interview…

    The reason this made my No. 1 spot wasn’t necessarily because my interviewing techique was amazing, or that my guest shared a massive secret to success.

    The reason it made No. 1 was because of the story it told. It’s with a  struggling trader who turned it around 9 months after being on the show. What’s more the two recordings below hold the proof!

    His name is Andre Stewart. He now trades full time and mentors over 80 students. He’s even started a website where you can take up his mentoring at a very affordable price.

    Take a listen to hear the full story…

    The first audio clip is part of episode 31 where Andre took part in a trading experiment I was running at the time.

    Struggling & Scammed Newbie...

    by Cam Hawkins & Andre Stewart | 52 Traders - Episode Snippet

    ... To Trading Success Story, In Just 9 Months

    by Cam Hawkins & Andre Stewart | 52 Traders - Episode 88

    Bonus Freebie…

    3 Lessons from "Trading In the Zone"

    by Cam Hawkins & Nigel Hawkes | 52 Traders Exclusive

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