How to Effectively Use Fibonacci Wave Cycles  With Supply & Demand Trading 117mins

Learn how to use Fibonacci Wave Cycles to effectively identify key levels on higher time frames, the best trading opportunities, and how Andy marks up a chart to pick entries for maximizing gain and minimizing risk.


Introduction: Supply & Demand Trading - Eliminate Market Noise To Identify High Probability Trading

  • Introductory webinar recording where you’ll learn how Andy uses supply and demand techniques to pick low risk, high probability trading opportunities


Video 1: Identifying the Key Levels on the Higher Timeframes

  • Understanding the bigger picture to have a market edge
  • Learn how lower and higher timeframe works
  • Finding a high probability setup
  • Identifying a setup that has an edge
  • Building and boosting confidence overtime
  • Key principle that makes every successful traders
  • Learn the standard Fibonacci rules
  • How Fibonacci works explained using an example chart
  • Using Fibonacci to determine the most probable target
  • Learn how to avoid frustration and missing an opportunity of a big trade
  • Understand how the market really works
  • Finding the best area for scalping using the Fibonacci levels
  • Learn the optimal way of drawing Fibonacci for best entries and targets
  • Learn what you need to do when the market overextends the Fibonacci
  • Know the reasons why the market over extends
  • Learn when is the right time for you to get into a trade


Video 2: Live Chart Analysis: Adding Fibonacci to Identify Trading Opportunities

  • Mastering the perfect entry to maximize your capital at high probability
  • Learn how to determine the reaction zone and to see if there is some buying activity might happen
  • How to find and validate the right key levels
  • Deciding where the level of interest is going to happen
  • Adding Fibonacci in the 4H to see where the current cycle
  • Learn the area you have to avoid getting into a trade
  • How to execute a trade after finding the right entry level
  • Learn how to look at the chart and understand what it’s telling you
  • Determining whether the buyers or the sellers is in current control
  • Understand what the market does when it breaks down
  • Finding the best trade opportunity in the supply and demand zone
  • Learn how it’s done step-by-step and how to be very specific finding the right setup


1st Bonus: 1 Month Daily Mentoring Room Access (Value $140 USD)

  • Gain access to the private mentoring room for 1 month
  • Be group mentored by a senior professional trader

2nd Bonus: 1 Month Auto-Indicator Access (Value $105 USD)

  • Try Andy’s Auto-Fibonacci Indicator for 1 month
  • Try Andy’s Auto-Trendline Indicator for 1 month
  • Try Andy’s Auto-Support/Resistance Indicator for 1 month

Indicators work on the MT4 trading platform

Andy Demi

Professional Forex Trader, Ex Hedge Fund Manager & CEO of London Trading Group

Andy has institutional experience at Barcap, JP Morgan, Schroder’s & more. Has over 14 years professional trading experience and was the Head Trader managing a multi-million pound portfolio for a London Hedge Fund
Currently. These days he’s CEO/Head Trader of the London Trading Group (trading academy with professional internships for aspiring traders), as well as managing private funds and simultaneously trading his own portfolio.

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