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This software came about through a need I had with my trading not so long ago.

I was following a system that looked for trend breaks, i.e. you look for a good solid trend with a nice flow and when the flow is broken you’d go in with a trade looking to take a few pips out of the market, against the trend, while the price starts trending in the opposite direction or retraces a bit before returning to the normal trend.

Anyway, the problem I had was that I’d spend quite some time monitoring the charts to wait for the trendline I had drawn to be broken. Often on the shorter timeframes I would miss trades because I’d be away from my PC or on my PC but not looking at the chart.

So, the MTM Trendline EA was born! It’s an Expert Advisor (EA) that gives me the ability to monitor my trendline breaks when I’m not at my charts or even near my PC (or any PC for that matter). You’ll get:

  • Smartphone notifications of trendline breaks
  • Email notifications of trendline breaks
  • Audible notifications (on your PC) of trendline breaks
  • Set a time filter, so you’re only notified of breaks within a certain time range each day
  • For use on any time frame or market
  • MT4 and MT5 versions available

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