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Help Me. Help You.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing this podcast and know you guys get so much from it.

But there are certain parts that take time, and usually people charge for their time when they supply a service… Just like you do when you’re at work.

That’s why I’d like you to help me, help you.

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So you understand, here’s a quick overview of what it takes to produce just one episode and why it takes me up to 10hrs/week.


  • Finding some of the best traders in the world
  • Getting on their radar
  • Getting their attention
  • Making contact
  • Finding time in their diary
  • Researching the guest
  • Recording interviews when most people are still asleep
  • Asking questions to help make you a better trader
  • Asking questions to help you understand how they trade
  • Asking questions to help with your money management, psychology, entries and exits
  • Editing the interview “hiccups”
  • Recording the show intro and outro
  • Producing the final show
  • Uploading the final show
  • Publishing the final show to the itunes etc…
  • Writing the show notes (this one takes ages!!!)
  • Making sure there are no mistakes
  • Telling you about the show, via email, twitter, facebook etc…
  • Replying to your emails asking questions about guests
  • You get the point… Like Jerry Magurie said “Help me. Help you.”

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