9 Moving Averages That’ll Give You An Edge 52mins

Learn why unique moving average adaptations, ones you’ve probably never heard of, work better than standard simple moving averages. Find out what settings and crossover combinations are most profitable. As well as a moving avearge based strategy you can start using today.


Video 1: Traditional Moving Average (MA) Problems & How To Fix Them

  • Understand the problems most traders face when using Simple and Exponential MA
  • Learn about traditional MA alternatives and how they can be more accurate
  • Learn how one sophisticated MA comes up with a more accurate prediction of price


Video 2: The Best MA Crossover Combinations & Settings

  • How to avoid early trade exists when price breaks through your MA
  • The 5 best MA crossover combinations (incl. the timeframes they work on)
  • The 2 best MA periods to use and the secret to picking good MA periods


Video 3: How To Avoid Losses & Small Profits In Choppy Markets

  • Know which year market conditions changed so your backtests are valid in today’s market
  • The correct way use MA’s to reduce your chance of being whipsawed out of a trade
  • Understand how “Shuhan’s Adaptive Delayed Moving Average” works and keeps you out of choppy markets [Free Download for Mini Course students]


Video 4: More MA Tricks & Tips (Includes A Full Strategy)

  • What you should set your MA to read: Open, High, Low, Close or some other calculation
  • How to profit from MA crossover combinations and the pitfalls of using traditional SMA’s
  • How to use MA’s to identify double tops and double bottoms
  • The best MA of them all and what standard indicator that works with it (includes full strategy)


Download 1: He Shuhan's Personal SAD MA for Metatrader 4

Get your personal copy of He Shuhan’s SAD MA for the Metatrader 4 platform. He Shuhan explains how it works during the course.

[Metatrader 4 Only]

Download 2: All Moving Averages Indicator for Metatrader 4

Get your personal copy of the Moving Averages indicator which has 27 moving averages to choose from and all the applicable settings.

[Metatrader 4 Only]

Bonus: Cam Quizzes He Shuhan On Volume Spread Analysis & More

Listen to the lost interview Cam did with He Shuhan. He follows up on Volume Spread Analysis and other useful insights.

Audio only

He Shuhan

Professional Trader,
Hedge Fund Manager & Institutional Educator

He Shuhan is a professional markets speculator, entrepreneur, commodities dealer, lobbyist, writer and a financial markets educator.

An expert in discretionary trading system development, fully automatic, non-discretionary trading algorithms and risk management/mitigation

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