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Hi, Cam Hawkins here, founder of the 52 Traders podcast.

Now, I first have to admit, I’m no trading guru, mentor or anything like that. I’m probably more like you, maybe even less experienced that you. I love trading and all that comes with it, but you see… My trader career to date has been all over the place – buying systems, software here there and everywhere looking for that elusive “holy grail”.

About two years ago I took a break from trading. Just to give myself some breathing space, some time to think, some time to come up with a better game plan. And that’s where I landed on the idea for this Podcast.

This podcast is here to, not only, help you out but also help me out. Calm me down. Give me focus. Help me spend more time learning and less time trading.

If you’re new here, then I recommend starting at the first episode to hear me stumble through my background story and what I’m aiming to achieve from the Podcast.

You can click here to get started.