Yield Coin ICO Bonus Offer & Review w/ Samuel Leach

I’m please to introduce you to our new sponsor Yield Coin.

Yield Coin is the worlds first Multi Purpose ICO and is being release to the public throughout 2018.

Exclusive Yield Coin Offer

As part of this sponsorship Yield Coin are offering 52 Traders members exclusive early access to the ICO – normally this kind of access is only available for Venture Capitalists.

To find out more about the Yield Coin ICO, download and read the whitepaper here; or watch this short video (and be sure to do your own due diligence first).

Offer to 52 Traders Listeners & Subscribers

Get up to 50% extra tokens when you purchase tokens through the link below.

  • Coins cost $0.02 USD
  • If you invest $4,999 or under you’ll receive 25% bonus tokens
  • Invest $5,000 or over you’ll receive 50% bonus tokens

Click this link or the button below to ensure you get the bonus tokens:

Buy Yield Coin Tokens Here

Why Yield Coin?

Some coins and ICO’s are based on a flaky unproven concepts while Yield Coin is based on a number of established businesses which have skilled people already employed and working on projects which makes it easier for them to carry out the projects listed in their whitepaper.

Here’s an example of a “Rando ICO”:

  • Create some random concept
  • Raise funds
  • Release funds for the concept
  • Massive risk if the concept fails (your money is lost)

Here’s where Yield Coin is different:

  • World first – Multi Purpose backed token (No random concept as it already has established businesses behind it)
  • Partnering businesses (some with $100 million+ turnover) are intending to implement Yield Coin.
  • 1800 global traders backing it already
  • 1st offline exchange –  so individuals can cash out before Yield Coin is listed on an exchange
  • Plans to create a decentralized – Trader training and brokerage firm
  • Plans to implement a Global Payments system so you can actually spend your Yield Coins in physical shops

Buy Yield Coin Tokens Here

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