TradingView Replay Challenge

Traders are put to the test Live on YouTube,
in TradingView’s Market Replay mode.

How it works

  • Traders have no time to prepare in advance
  • Traders use a remote TradingView account running replay mode, set to 5 markets starting at different times
  • Traders can skip forward in time to find their entry setup
  • Traders mark up the chart to find their trade
  • Traders can cancel the trade setup anytime before their entry triggers
  • We skip forward in time to see if it the trade won or lost
  • Rankings are based on overall R gained during the 5 trade challenge

Current Standings

Trader vs Trader

Open to any trader who wants to take the challenge. Winner takes home a
City Traders Imperium $12,500 evaluation for a $50,000 account, valued at £400.
5 trade, 3 round knockout competition. For a chance to compete, send in a video explaining a recent trade you took and a short explanation of why you want to do the challenge.




Replay Challenge

Each challenge is based on the first 5 trades taken during the live stream.
Ranking order is based on Ave. R Gained then Ave. Win Rate. 

Trader # Challenges Ave. Win Rate Ave. R Gained
Forexed 1 60% 7.61
Aman - Million Pips 1 40% 4.69
Clayton Hall 1 60% 3.27
Philp Blom 1 40% 1.23
Kane Fernando 1 60% 0.48
Uncle Ted 1 40% 0.38
Paul Weidner 1 20% -3
Avery Horton (TRO) 1 20% -3.1

Bar by Bar Challenge

We challenge traders to predict the color of 20 consecutive bars on a random market.

Trader # Challenges Ave. Win Rate
Paul Weidner 1 90%
Kane Fernando 1 65%
Clayton Hall 1 60%
Uncle Ted 1 60%
Avery Horton (TR0) 1 50%
Aman - Million Pips 1 40%
Philp Blom 1 40%

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