After a solid year of mentoring I was blown away by how good some of the initial 50 students were doing and it was really a trail run to see if I liked mentoring and what would become somewhat of a passion project for me.

Every time I would toy with the idea of shutting down the program my wife would remind me how difficult this was for me and how I can help others who are throwing away thousands of dollars on “strategy” and have no understanding of how the market works. Understanding how the actual market works is something that I pride myself on, as it has guided me in a quest for what I like to call truth.

Facts from conversations with my mentors

Here are some facts about trading for you to consider from conversations with my mentors and other traders from hedge funds and prop firms.

1) This is a competitive business so, how does that apply to you?

As an aspiring trader you must be willing to spend time working on your style of trader. Consider if you are a swing trader, Intraday trader, scalper, or hybrid. They will all require different levels of patience, confluence, and submitting to a different amount of time to let your trade pan out.

2) If you aren’t backtesting you will always be behind the trader that wants “it”. A trader who is a legend in my mind often says…

“It is your fault if you aren’t a better trader tomorrow than you are today.”

That is something that I hold near and dear to me. As an avid lover of basketball I love greatness, and greatness is ALWAYS the product of GREAT EFFORT. Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Hakeem the Dream, all had that in common. They achieved greatness through those extra hours. Most people will be satisfied with good and once they get a taste of success they fall off the cliff due to the goal was never about the game, it was about the money.

As far as great retail traders goes I know about 4. Some are legit making 6 figures a day and for the others the 5 figure day is average and i mean high 5 figures. But what do they have in common you ask? It is nothing more than the work that was put in to get to the level of their dreams. For me backtesting and forward testing is a part of my daily routine with the ultimate goal of the lowest risk entry with the best percentage return on money invested on the trade.

3) You don’t understand what the market likes versus what the market doesn’t like and are relying on lagging candle patterns for trade entry.

One Fact that you have to understand is that the market will naturally run away from areas of a lack of liquidity and volume and go to areas where there is liquidity and volume. Roughly 90% of my trades are against price and that is nothing more than a function of my backtesting price is always pushing to the less liquid side of the market and you have to understand what areas of price it is likely to find what it is looking for.

chart 01
Chart 01

Also, for those who don’t know volume information is available and is valuable. And most of my students use it in guiding them in their trading decisions.

Student success stories

My man Fice is First up. A little bit about Fice.

He came to the group from those that called themselves a “family” but were making fun of students in private chats and that is all that I will say about that because if someone pays you for help and you make fun of them you’re nothing more than a bully who takes money, I don’t stand for that kind of behavior. Anyways, after our first session something clicked and I knew that Fice will be a better trader than me.

Fice took a $20 account to $1700 solely by focusing on the best quality set ups

Here are just a couple he posted in the group:

chart 02
Chart 02

chart 03
Chart 03

Brad. Eariler this year he had a crazy 50 or 60 trade streak, I can have the exact number for you next blog post. Brad took some time off after trading options and is an absouletly sponge for learning. He is a high risk trader by nature and there is nothing wrong with that if you are willing to take the risk that comes along with that.

chart 04
Chart 04

chart 05
Chart 05

He uses supply and demand lines, not zones, to enter mostly with volume as a guide.

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