Instant Access To New
“Fully Automated” Trading Strategies Every Month

That’s Just A Small Part Of What You Get When You
Join The Robot Traders Club

How it works

Members submit strategies. They get automated. You test & trade them.

Get Your Strategy Ideas Automated (or not)

Either submit your own strategy ideas (fresh or found), or just wait to see what other members submit and pick up the finished robot when it’s ready to download.

New Robots To Test Or Trade Every Month

Each month we turn one or more member submitted strategies into fully automated trading robots. So you can have at least one new robot to try out every month.

Learn The Strategy Behind Each Robot

No black boxes here. Learning the strategy will not only give you more confidence in the software but it’ll also allow you to adapt things to fit your risk tolerance and personality.


Share Ideas With Other Members

Suggest improvements, work together on finding the perfect settings and share other discoveries. All in our private chat rooms.

Access The Best Performing Robots

Every month the best robots will be added to your membership (one by one). And If you’re lucky enough to be there when we discover a new one, you can download it right away.


Your Very Own "Virtual" Robot Factory

Search the web to find the best mechanical trading systems, or send in trading strategies of your own and if they meets our requirements you’ll find a fully automated version ready for download in a few weeks time.

Or just pick up the downloads as they roll out the door. It’s up to you!

  • Either submit your own strategy or send in a link to a web page or video explaining how it works
  • If the strategy meets our requirements you’ll be able to download it in the future
  • It’s just like having your own personal robot developer – but BETTER… Because other members are sending in strategies too!
  • Learn the strategies suggested by other members – What better way to educate yourself on the markets while automating things in the process?

A Chance To Find "THE ONE" Every Single Month

With every automated strategy that rolls out the door every month, you get a chance to find that robot you’ve always been looking for.

  • We want to test out each robot to see if it has what it takes to graduate from the testing Lab and onto a live account.
  • You can download every Lab robot – both past and present
  • There are no restrictions on the time frame, instrument or settings you choose to back test, optimize or trade these robots

Creating Your Own Auto-Trading Portfolio

With access to dozens of robots trading very different strategies and 1000’s of settings combinations to try, you’re in the perfect place to build a “one-of-a-kind” portfolio of robots to take on the market your way.

  • Choose from several money management options including % risk, fixed lots and fixed money
  • Like Average True Range (ATR)? You can use ATR calculations for your profit/stop level as well
  • Don’t like trading on NFP day? You can turn it off and configure how you exit the market gracefully, just before NFP hits, or for the whole day
  • Same goes for other “Red News Events”. Take your profits just minutes beforehand or delete your pending orders. It’s completely up to you!

Tweaking Each Robot To Fit Your Personality

With over 40 settings to choose from in each robot leaves you with endless possibilities when it comes to finding one (or a handful) that fits your trading style – from scalper to swing trader – it’s all up to you!

Just look at some of the features you can play with:


Trailing Stops


Lock In Profit (Exit A Portion & Let The Rest Run)


Move Your Stop To Break Even (Or Take A Small Profit)


Only Trade Certain Days, Hours Or Times Of Day


Multiple Time Frame Analysis (For Some Strategies)


Don't Trade During High Spreads


Don't Trade Non Farm Payroll (NFP) Days


Close Trades/Orders Before Red News


Fixed Pips/Money Stop Loss & Take Profit Targets


Dynamic Percentage Based Risk Management


Average True Range (ATR) SL & TP Targets

Plus dozens of unique settings for each new robot that rolls out the door

What Customers Are Saying…

“After downloading the first few robots, I’m hooked, and will be a member of Cam’s for many more moons to come. The insights I’ve discovered, let alone the robots, have helped give my trading much needed focus. Can’t wait for more!Issac

I look forward to every new robot Cam releases. If you are serious about trading, it is worth spending your time at least learning how to use these robots, let alone their potential.George

Subscribe To My “Robot Traders Club”

Here’s what you get immediate access to when you join today…

Download Several Fully Automated Robots


Learn The Strategies Behind Each Robot


See Back Test & Optimization Results


Suggest Strategies For New Robots


Telegram Chat Rooms For Each Robot

Full Video Course To Get You Started


Get Your Own Strategies Automated


Dozens of Settings to Tweak


New Robots To Try Every Month!


BONUS: RT Sniper Robot ($95 value)

And as a LIMITED TIME BONUS, you’ll also get a semi-automated trading robot based on hand drawn supply and demand zones.

It’s called the “RT Sniper” and allows you to trade S&D zones on auto pilot.

This bonus robot includes 1 video walking you through over 20 settings you can use to tailor how this robot trades to help take your trading to next level!

This is a $95 value and you’ll get FREE access for simply giving my “Robot Traders Club” a try.

“As someone completely new to EA’s, I have found Cam’s robot membership to be invaluable. I have also appreciated his readiness and willingness to help whenever I’ve had questions. I couldn’t be more pleased.”David

You’ll Love It Or Your Money Back

To make your decision even easier, I’m also backing your investment with a 14-day money back guarantee.

Here’s how it works.

Enter your payment info on the next page, download any of the robots you have access to, and spend a full 14 days testing them out.

If you don’t feel like the value is at least TEN TIMES your investment…

Or if you simply don’t like it for ANY reason, just send me an email and I will immediately issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions, no hassles, no “exit surveys,” nothing.

In other words, you have absolutely no risk whatsoever when you test-drive my “Robot Traders Club.”

To your trading success,

Cam Hawkins

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does "The Lab" work?

A: After you login you’ll get access to “The Lab”.

This is where you can submit strategies to be built into robots, download robots that are currently being tested in the lab along with any robots built in the past (and their strategies) that failed to become “Graduates”. You’ll also be able to chat about any of the robots in “The Lab” via their private Telegram groups.

Q: What is a robot "Graduate"?

A: When a robot has been through “The Lab” and is considered to be viable for running on a live account, it becomes a “Graduate”.

Graduates are drip fed to members every month or can be purchased separately at a higher price. 

There are currently 7 graduates, so when you’ve been a member for 7 months you’ll no longer receive a monthly “Graduate” until a new one leaves “The Lab”.

Q: Can I keep the robot software, even when a new one comes out?

A: Of course! All the robots in “The Lab” along with any “Graduates” you acquire during your membership are yours to keep. 

Q: Are the robots difficult to set up? What if I can’t figure them out?

A: Nope! All it takes is a little trial, error and patience to figure out how to set them up.

If you’re struggling, our team will be available to help you through the entire process.

Q: What trading software do the robots work on?

A: All the robots are currently designed to work on MetaTrader 4. 

There are instructions on how to set up the robots if you are not tech savvy or if you have never used MetaTrader 4 before.

Failing that, my support team will help get you up and running.

Q: How many trading accounts can I have the robots running on?

A: You can use up to 3 demo or live MT4 accounts. If you need more it’s a small one off fee of $10 to add another account.

Q: Can I run the robots without being connected to Trading Nut?

A: Yes. To override the security that connects the robots to TradingNut you need to become a member of the Robot Builders Club. 

Being a member of the Robot Builders Club means you get access to the robots source code and can easily remove the security.

You’ll also learn the skills to adapt the robots strategies (all without coding).

Q: Will the robots keep working if I cancel my subscription?

A: Yes. They’ll work with your connected MT4 accounts. 

Q: Can I cancel the subscription at any time?
A: Yes, you can cancel at any time via the members area.
Q: Can I downgrade/upgrade my subscription at any time?

A: Yes, you can downgrade or upgrade your subscription at any time via the members area.

Q: How do I get $0/month subscription?

A: Here’s what you need to do:

Open an account with a broker we recommend inside the members area, fund the account with at least $2,000 and trade at least 20 Lots per month.

More questions? Contact us here.

Disclaimer: Futures, forex, stock, and options trading are not appropriate for all traders. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can ensure returns or against losses. No representation or implication is being made that using any of these methodologies or systems will generate returns or ensure against losses.

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