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Watch Me Build & Test a Trading Robot


Every week you’ll join me LIVE for 1-2 hours to work on an Algo (from start to finish), with the aim of getting it to pass and profit from a funding challenge.

Everything will be recorded so you’ll get to see every second of the step-by-step process.

And you get to download the final Algo (even if you can’t attend the live calls).


1) Strategy Development

As a collective mastermind you’ll help the community come up with the underlying strategy and direction of the Algo through live stream interaction and voting.

2) Build, Test & Tweak

This is your chance to learn how to build Expert Advisors without coding using FxDreema. You’ll see me build, test and tweak the Algo in realtime to find an approach that has the best chance of working.

3) Testing & Optimization

With our working prototype, you’ll see how I test it on dozens of markets to find setting, timeframe and market combinations in the hope it’s robust enough to pass a funding challenge.

4) Funding Challenge

Finally, we put the whole concept to the test on a funding challenge we think will suit the Algo. You can monitor the progress before deciding whether you take it for a spin yourself.



Be part of the entire process, from strategy idea to  building, tweaking, testing and optimization.


Never miss a minute. All live calls are recorded so you get access to all the videos for Algos that are developed during your membership.


Gain VIP access to the private community for each Algo build you have access to. Chat with other members and share your ideas.


When the Algo is ready you can download the final product and connect it to your MT4 or MT5 account. See FAQs for how this works.

Funded Program

See how the Algo performs during a live funding challenge – data will be updated every 5 minutes so you can see every trade.


What do I get with the Free Trial?

The Free Trial gets you access to one of the previous algo builds which includes, live call replay’s (so you can learn the strategy and see exactly how the bot was created) and a download of the finished bot.

The live calls, video replay’s,and any downloads for the current Algo build become available when your Free Trial ends.

Do I have to attend the live calls?

The good news is the live calls will all be recorded and uploaded to the members area. So you don’t have to attend the livestream and can watch them at your leisure.

That said, it would be great to have you attend the live and will really help with us finding the best algo solution 😉

Do I have to attend the live calls?

The good news is the live calls will all be recorded and uploaded to the members area. So you don’t have to attend the livestream and can watch them at your leisure.

That said, it would be great to have you attend live and will really help with us finding the best Algo solution. You could however send your feedback via the Telegram chat after watching the replays.

What time will the live calls be?

Most calls will be run at the following days/times each week (around Asia Open):

Either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

NY – early evening or evening
LA – afternoon or early evening
UK/EU – late evening
AU – early morning 

Some calls will be run at this time (around London Open):

Either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

NY – late late evening
LA – late evening
UK/EU – early morning
AU – evening

What will I miss if I can't attend the live events?

Not much, as everything will be recorded, so you can watch the replays. You just won’t be able to ask questions, or provide ideas/feedback during the EA development and testing live calls.

You may be able to take part in voting through the chat room.

Are the live calls recorded?

Yes, the sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the members area soon after.

What software do I need to run the Algo?

I’ll be creating a MetaTrader 4 or 5 (MT4 or MT5) Expert Advisor (EA). So you will need to download a free copy of MT4 or MT5 from your broker. I will recommend a broker in the members area if you don’t have one.

To run the EA you need to have your MetaTrader software running on your PC or Mac and connected to the internet. If this going to be an issue I recommend using a Virtural Private Server (VPS). I always recommend the Windows VPS I use which is called Contabo.

Can I use the Algo forever?

Yes. The algo will be connected to the Trading Nut website for the 1st year and limited to 1 x MT4 or MT5 account. You can use FxBlue Trade Copier to enable it on other MT4 or 5 accounts.

After 1 year, it will no longer be connected to the Trading Nut website and you will be able to use the EA on an unlimited number of MT4 or MT5 accounts.

What if I don't have MetaTrader software?

Simply open a free account with a Metatrader broker (I’ll recommend some in the members area). And they will allow you to download the software for free.

Remember that you can do your charting on the platform you like and just use Metatrader to run the algo.

How can I get the Algo source code?

The source code will be available to Robot Builders Club members who also have a subscription to the Robot Lab.

If you join Robot Builders Club separately you get a 3 month free subscription to the Robot Lab that will allow you to download the source code to the Algo we build and still have access to Robot Lab Live.

When you get access to the source code it means you can remove the Trading Nut protection and use it on any number of  MT4/5 accounts in the first year.

Do you offer refunds?

I’m afraid I don’t offer refunds on Robot Lab Live. In the 8 years I’ve been running Robot Builders club I’ve only had 1 refund request. Why so few? Because it delivers results and ultimately saves traders 000’s of hours in front of the charts (as will Robot Lab Live). I also devote a lot of time to running the live calls and providing extreme value, and that time can never be taken back. If you are at all concerned, even the slightest bit, about refunds and whether or not my program is going to work for you, do not buy it. Instead, jump on the Free Training, or watch my free YouTube videos where you can learn to trade manually. If you ask for a refund after purchase, you will be denied, and if you go to your bank and try to issue a charge back dispute on the purchase of my program, you will receive a notice of legal action from my lawyer with filed charges of theft of service with intent to defraud. Please, please, please make sure you simply do not purchase if my program does not seem to be a 100% fit for you. It shouldn’t be a hard decision to make, lol.

To your success!

Cam Hawkins
Founder of

Disclaimer: Futures, forex, stock, and options trading are not appropriate for all traders. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can ensure returns or against losses. No representation or implication is being made that using any of these methodologies or systems will generate returns or ensure against losses.

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