Trading from Europe, Spain, Mircea is a big fan of Elliott Waves. He’s using historical price data to count waves from yearly and monthly charts all the way to the daily timeframe or even lower.

An MBA in International Business graduate, he’s passionate about economics. His approach to trading is both unique and mind-boggling: he trades time! In doing that, he predicted both Brexit and the U.S. Presidential election outcomes.

With a passion for monetary history and historical patterns, Mircea is trading only the Forex market: the classic major pairs and a few crosses. He’s trading only the currency pairs he has historical data for. In some cases, hundreds of years of data is considered.

Mircea runs a Forex signal service that’s up over +590% in the last 39 months, and a Forex mentoring program on Capital Properties FX.

In the show Mircea shares:

  • What makes Elliott Waves uniquely profitable
  • Why knowing yourself is more important than knowing the subject
  • What shape creates the best trading patterns
  • A simple money management technique anyone can use
  • Why time is more important than price

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