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When I met Laurence Yang I was expecting someone a lot older. Why? Well, he manages well over 8 figures of trading capital and places all the trades himself. Immediately I wanted to know how this was even possible and how Laurence has everything set up so he can be consistently profitable week in, week out.

What you’ll learn today is exactly that. And what will surprise you most is how different his thinking has been from the outset, compared to almost every retail trader I’ve interviewed or met.

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Laurence’s Approach

Key Lessons

[05:41] Trading with virtual fake money is the best way to get started [in trading].

[08:26] Put risk management as the #1 rule in your trading.

[08:34] To become a profitable trader, you have to know risk management before anything else.

[09:15] Risk-to-Reward ratio is absolutely the holy grail of trading.

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[12:52] The best way you can move from a retail trader to a profitable professional trader is to learn from people who are actually doing it.

[13:16] You have to learn from people who are actually doing it not just talking about it.

[14:27] Being passionate about trading is the key.

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[19:11] To be profitable, you have to learn from the best.

[38:04] Learn the basics about trading first.

[39:29] Take care of the downside and the upside will take care of yourself.

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