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Learning to trade is a skill.

You pay for a degree at University, right?

You do it to get the right skills you need for your job.

So, the same applies to your trading education because you want it to effectively become your “job”.

But a job like no other, with no salary cap, hours to do or bosses to tell you what to do.

Where do you start?

How bout with a trader who takes profit more times a week than most people have a hot dinner.

Or, you could start by watching his free webinar:

Introducing Daniel Cheung’s personal trading education

The course is broken into 2 different main parts:

1. Fundamentals of finance all basic knowledge trading and market

2. All the tools available and how to put them together

Combined with over 20 hours of content.

Trading is each to their own, learn everything and make it your own.

What will I teach?

  • Complete top down macro fundamental, analysing external factors (fundamentals that may impact current conditions)
  • Excel training with financial theory
  • Comparing assets to asset
  • Importance of being a self-starter
  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding your own psychological behaviour
  • Complete beginner to advanced Technical Analysis
  • Understanding financial models created by central bank authorities
  • Business Cycles
  • Agriculture/Commodity Supply Demand•When and when not too, as well as how to Day Trade

What will you learn

  • True correlation and meaning behind this
  • Difference between a typical retail approach and what you should implement against it
  • Understanding distribution and your odds (statistics)
  • Where to find volatility and understanding of volatility
  • How to trade like a professional
  • Where to get the correct data that matters
  • Putting all your analysis together

What’s in it

  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Technical analysis PDF
  • Self-Awareness Models
  • Progression Mode

Section 1 – Foundation and fundamentals of Forex

  • How Forex works and all fundamentals
  • Ways to trade FX
  • Basic truth behind the market
  • Calculations of trades
  • Basics to Fundamental and Technical analysis
  • Charts and Trends
  • Other information –lot sizes, leverage, margin, equity

Section 2 – Risk Management

  • Full idea of riskqHow to calculate your trade sizes.
  • Using the CK Capital APM risk calculator
  • Risk reward between Swing and Intraday
  • Experience in the

Section 3 – Getting started

  • Getting started
  • Use the trading room
  • How to use the scanner
  • How much to start with and the truth behind the amount you can really make
  • Extra information about brokers
  • Truth behind trading

Section 4 –Trading sessions; Swing and Intraday (Overall how to trade swing and intraday)

  • Implementing trading into your lifestyle
  • Methods to trade FX Swing and Intraday
  • Pros and Cons to Swing and Intraday
  • How FX Pro Dan Trades these and how you should trade this.
  • Intraday Trading session and the secret behind the market that is not shown
  • Using the times to your benefitqHow a trading day should

Section 5 – How to trade. Rules to stick by for EVERYONE

Section 6 – Fundamental Analysis

  • How judgment is madeqNews to be aware of
  • How to trade news
  • New reports and affects and how to understand release notes
  • Correlations of Pairs

Section 7 – Technical Analysis
(Biggest section, too much to fit in bullet points but 70% of FX Pro’s trading is Technical)

  • How to chartqHow to trade and judge
  • BAR BY BAR -Support resistance lines, fib, PF, segments, swings HL , EVERYTHING.

Section 8 – Putting it all together to trade

  • Trading day
  • Putting everything together to see

What you’ll end up with

1. Objective is for you to understand the Forex Market.
2. Able to read and discuss charts
3. Build a good APM team together and use slack
4. Master these pips together and grow as one
5. Ones who do make it, Opportunity to trade fund when the time comes.

So lets recap

  • You will get 2 outlooks on the markets Fundamental and Technical
  • You will join a team of traders from ones just starting out to professionals
  • You will be able to access the discuss of ideas of upcoming investment and trading opportunities
  • You have 20+ hours of education
  • You will finally learn the truth behind the markets and the truth behind everything you know about finance.

And much more…Only £1999. which is minimal investment compared to what is in return.

Just so you know I put in over £50,000 in total at the start of my trading career from failing, courses, education not including the time etc…

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Normally £1999…
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Just listen to what some of my customers have to to say:

Expires in...








Normally £1999…
Today, with 52 Traders you can SAVE £500 using this coupon code:

52 Traders

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