Trading is risky. Most traders lose money.

Cam’s VIP

See every trade Cam takes on his personal and prop firm accounts posted in the Cam’s VIP Discord (day, swing and algo trades).

Plus, download fully automated MT5 expert advisors based on trading strategies you suggest.

Trading is risky and you’ll most likely lose money. Almost no one makes money trading. Cam is not a financial advisor. Cam’s VIP allows you inside the mind of an aspiring trader with thousands of hours of experience in the markets. Cam’s VIP is for educational purposes only and not to be taken as financial advice of any kind.

Cam currently day trades USDJPY during the Asian session (and sometimes the London open), he also swing trades various markets across the week. Swing trades are currently limit order entries with a stop loss and sometimes a take profit. You’ll see when Cam enters, exits and how he manages trades in real-time.

Cam will seek your input on new trading strategies he will turn into fully automated MT5 Expert Advisors. When the build is complete, you’ll be able to download these algos and use them on up to 3 x MT5 accounts. The algos are designed to match the strategy rules, will be configurable and include an instructional video.  The frequency of new algos being released to members is dependent on the complexity of the strategy, but as a guide, expect 1-2 per month. Note, these algos are experimental, untested and NOT designed for trading on a live account.

Onboarding instructions:

Before clicking the payment button below, check the URL of this page starts with After clicking the button below you’ll be redirected to a Stripe payment page. Please check the URL of that page starts with and the terms on that page reference “Ziba Online Limited” (This is the name of Cam’s New Zealand based company behind the Trading Nut brand). 

After payment you’ll be invited to join a Discord server. Please take a screenshot or photo of this page so you can type in the Discord link if you navigate away from this page by accident.

Subscription information:

This is a $222 USD per month subscription, you can cancel at any time by sending us an email on Likewise, if you have any questions about the membership please email us on the address above.


1st 10 to join get the bot Cam demonstrated in the video released on the 4th July 2024 – Expires 10th July 2024

Risk Disclaimer:

Trading is extremely risky, and you will probably lose all or more of the money you try to trade/invest with – even if you follow all the information that Cam Hawkins, Trading Nut and Ziba Online Limited or Cam’s Private Mentor teaches. Your odds of making money trading are almost 0%. We make no guarantees or promises that you will achieve any specific result at all. Cam Hawkins, Trading Nut, Ziba Online Limited and Cam’s Private Mentor do not offer financial advice, and all information is for educational purposes only. You should consult a licensed financial services provider before placing trades in any financial market. Please read our full risk disclaimer so that you understand all of the risks associated with trading.

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