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If you’ve been a regular listener since the beginning of Trading Nut, you’ll have heard me mention introducing you to my “Trading Mindset Guru”… Well… 160 episodes later, here we are!

I’ve known Andy for a few years now and its’ a pleasure to introduce you all to the man who techniques & trainings helped me create Trading Nut, reach over 90,000 YouTube subscribers, give up my day job and make 18% on my trading account last month.

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Cam Hawkins & Andy Murphy present:


Podcast Interview


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Mindset by Design

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Key Lessons

[14:14] Once everyone got the same level of skill set, the difference is how your brain is wired.

[16:45] Who you were will not get you to where you want to go. Who you become on the journey to get there is who will get you those millions of dollars.

[17:25] Your brain works like a muscle, the way you see your future, your past, money, that individual trade, everything isn’t just random.

[19:00] Most people won’t become successful. Most people won’t win. But that doesn’t mean you. It means you can do something different.

[23:51] A consumer can’t see millions of dollars. An investor gives it everything you’ve got.

[26:17] To take a leap of faith and do something brand new, that is a huge shift.

[26:41] Stop being weak! Understand this is your life. Go after it!

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[28:34] If we can understand that we focus on what we want or what we don’t want, either way, the brain is going to build and replicate what patterns are inside of it until it leads you towards that destination.

[30:47] Just because someone’s an expert trader doesn’t mean they’re an expert in mental performance.

[39:50] Fight, flight, or freeze response. That will happen in the brain when we step into something new.

[48:21] Everyone should live happy. Everyone should be living a beautiful life. Everyone should be doing what they love.

[50:02] Rich people, they’re not cleverer than you. They just made clever decisions along the way.

[50:35] Where you are in your life is just where you are. It’s not who you are.

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